Skiparvik is situated on the eastern part of Karmøy, 5 kilometres south of Kopervik.

This large, well-equipped holiday chalet with a panorama view of the beautiful fjord landscape is sited in a lush natural, traffic free environment by Karmsundet Sound.

The chalet is situated in lush surroundings of natural beauty.

From the living room or the terrace, one can see daily, the passing trawlers and ships that ply the waters of Karmsundet Sound. Another regular occurrence are the luxury liners that glide by in the enchanting twilight

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Skiparvik Hytteutleige, Ilshaug 60, 4250 KOPERVIK - Tlf: + 47 52 85 23 09 Mobil: +47 47 37 63 42 - E-mail:

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