The hiking area is varied and accessible all year.
Hiking from the chalet to Sålefjellet Mountain, Karmøy’s highest mountain, takes approximately 30 minutes.
The whole of Karmøy and the outlying islands and mainland are visible from the summit. Just south of Sålefjellet Mountain is Reiarsvannet Lake where fishing enthusiasts can try their luck.

Fishing is also possible on Karmsundet Sound, by the water’s edge near the chalet or alternatively, one can rent a boat.

From the chalet, day trips to the following destinations are possible: Begen, Hardanger, Stavanger, Sandnes, Preikstolen and Kjerag.

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A big catch in the Karmsund!
This is the view from the highest mountain on Karmøy; Sålefjellet
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